Enjoy, because I sure did enjoy making them :)

A Promotional Video for Nu Life Medical Institute

ili Translator Promo Video

A Documentary created along side the Urban Boulevard about the Segregation History of Liberty City

A Promo Video for a new Franchise Puppy Company in South Florida

A Highlight Video from a Multimedia Campaign with Guest Servers promoting one of their Clients, The Marbella.

Here's Mini Documentary I created for the Florida Climate Institute.

A Social Media Trailer I created for the Institute of Water and Environment

Here’s a 30 Second Promo Video for Monarch Global Security Management

Promotional Video with Testimonials for Monarch Global Security Management

A Motion Graphics Video I created in Partnership with Miami Dade's College Framing Initiative

A  Highlight Film I made while in Pennsylvania

A Vlog Format Video with a Short Film about Hurricane Irma at 35 Seconds in

A Quick Conversation of our Oceans and Sea Life

Award Winning Piece and Featured at the ACM Theater in Time Squared

Here's a simple interview setup for Unified Miami

Compilation video of Some Viral Videos I created for Different Brands for Social Media

Please let me know If you want to see more of work, I'd be happy to share with you.