5 Reasons Why Your Corporation Should Invest in Testimonial Videos

We live in a world today where 84% of people trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation. In this new age of review-based consumption, people want to learn more about a company, product, or service before they purchase it. Why? Because the information is available, attainable, and right at their fingertips.

When it comes to corporate dealings, the same holds true. Clients want to know if they can trust you or not, and that starts with a personal review that has been turned into a video. Since 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI, it only makes sense to pair reviews and video production together.

So why should you care about corporate video testimonials? Check it out below:

1. It Establishes Credibility:

Following that 84% statistic above, people wholeheartedly believe online reviews today. They are just as likely to relate to your testimonial as they are to a friend, which is why it’s paramount to get some up on your website. With these kinds of testimonials, your corporation will establish credibility in their eyes overnight, especially if you have more than one available to watch.

2. It Helps You Connect with Potential Clients:

Potential clients are going to sift around your website before they decide if your business is one they want to work with. They’re going to look at your content, brand, and imagery. More than anything, they are going to click “play” to any kind of video on your site, and that includes the testimonials. It’s a great way to develop a deeper connection with potential clients.

3. It Makes You Look Human:

No one wants to stare back at stock images and emotionless website copy that communicates absolutely nothing about your corporation. Clients want to feel connected – they want to feel like there’s a human on the other end of correspondence. Corporate video testimonials are a great way to capture the natural, human essence of your business and the people that run it.

4. It Gives Your Brand a Visual Component:

This stat shows that 65% of senior marketing executives believe that visual assets, like video, are core to how their brand story is communicated. Videos in any form will boost the interaction on your website.

5. It Boosts Your Retention Rate:

Did you know that video has a 95% retention rate, whereas people only remember 12% of textual information? That means that all of that beautiful content on your corporate website in writing form will come and go in people’s minds. What will stay? The content in your video testimonials. Our brains are more receptive to storytelling than anything else.

According to this blog, video testimonials will end up being the highest converting tools of 2019. If you’re thinking about the potential benefits of corporate video production for your entity this year, our team can help.

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