I just finished a video for the Florida Climate Institute!!!

So this one was a passion project for the Florida Climate Institute while representing Florida International University. This piece is to try to help show us that we need to come together and agree on a problem in order to start finding solutions. I had a lot of fun creating this project that all interviews were shoot in 4k and all the b-roll was at 120fps. I made a couple of mistakes and it’s a little shaky for my taste but I’ll work on it for next time. I really wanted to get some b-roll of the labs, but we were in a rush but next time I’ll try to grab some shots on the way out. It was a little stressful as I had 30 minutes to shoot. So I got there a little early to each location to pre-light and give myself 15 min, and 15 min to interview. I can’t wait to see everyone's reactions I hope I was able to fill all the information within the 2 minutes requirement.